With individual character

The use of associative parametric CAD systems is common place. Standard training courses, which are often created by the manufacturer of the CAD system, are not company specific and do not adequately consider the individual problems when using the system to design a particular product. For this reason, attending such training courses only increases the productivity in design marginally.

We achieve our customers’ productivity increase within CAD design, where our focus lies, in four steps.

The first step consists of us determining the customers current design process.

In the second step we develop methodologies to standardise parts of the design process without limiting the designers’ creativity. For this templates, power copies, knowledge ware and macros are utilized. Furthermore, we also take a look at the CAD systems modules that the customer is not actually using in the design process at that time.

When the method is set the third step is to create individual training materials in the form of audio supported training videos that are managed using the e-learning tool developed by inno-kom; CATFiveLearn.

In the process chain a human being is a factor, in reality it is and always will be the decisive element. It can on the one hand make mistakes, but on the other demonstrate a learning ability and potential like no other “factor”. Therefore, the training videos serve in the fourth step to convey new methods to the user so that even after the end of the training course and without the help of a trainer the methods can be retained. New employees can be easily familiarised using the videos.

Our motto is: “the best and most thoroughly developed method is useless when the user doesn’t understand it, accept it and therefore doesn’t use it”.

We naturally also provide standard training courses with standard training materials for CATIA V5/V6 and Siemens NX. Particular focus is placed upon special training courses for example, GSD, GPS E3D and Kinematics. Training materials for use within the customers own training centre can also be purchased.

For further information, refer to our training catalogue.

Operating system training for administrators in LINUX, IBM-AIX and HP-UX is also available.

The training courses can be either carried out in our training centre in Bielefeld or in situ at the customers’ place of business.

Software development
For effective work

Using our e-learning software CATFiveLearn training and documentation materials can be created, managed and made accessible for the user. Furthermore, CATFiveLearn has a search function that not only enables the user to find the right video, but also only shows the section of the video corresponding with the search criteria.

Multiple choice tests can also be incorporated to check the standard of knowledge not only of current employees but also that of potential employees. It is possible to make the results anonymous and instead of a hard assessment further training could be recommended.

Even though the name of the product suggests that it was originally developed as a training tool for CATIA V5 it is naturally also possible to manage training materials for any software even non-technical, as long as they consist of audio supported videos.

A number of our customers use CATFiveLearn as a global e-learning tool throughout all of their company departments.
In the second field of software development the focus has been set upon CATIA V5/V6 Macro programming. This is very important for us as it is a component of method development without which a productivity increase for our customers often could not be optimally realised. Intelligently programmed macros shorten the development time of a product. This not only saves development costs, but also reduces the time to market which may have a significantly greater impact.

More information on this can be found under CATFiveLearn.

Hotline and service
For higher operational availability

For the whole of the CATIA and NX environment we provide services in the form of hotlines and maintenance for application support, configuration and administration.

And of course a competent contact person is waiting to assist you.